The Club That Must Not Be Named

The coworking/ body-doubling/ biz buddy/ quartlery planning/ spicy-brained* club** brought to you by The Disobedient Business Co. 

$29/ month

*spicy brains not required

** not technically a club

Let's keep this short and sweet shall we?

Is it a club? Is it a membership? We don't know. Does it exist? Yes, but don't tell Pippa .

Basically, since way back when Lucy first started on their self-employment journey they wanted to start a club where biz folks could come together, do some coworking, ask some questions, have some community. This was a few years ago, before it was quite so cool

As a newborn to the online biz world, it was decided at the time, probs not something lil' ol' Lucy could quite facilitate but time's gone on, Lucy's pestered Pippa at every opportunity and eventually, Pippa decided it wasn't a shit idea and Lucy got the magical green light .

So, it's here, it's queer, it's spicy, it's The Club That Must Not Be Named That's Definitely Not A Club (cos that's how Lucy got it past Pippa ). 

Who's the 'club' for? 

Anyone and everyone.

Actually, anyone and everyone that isn't a monumental dickhead (#DickheadFreeZone).

We're going to be doing some coworking or body-doubling, call it what you will. This can be super helpful for folks with the spicy brains, our neurodivergent nerds, our busy-brained buddies. 

Do you have to have an air of the spiciness about you? Absolutely not! 

Running your own business can be a lonely life. Sometimes we love it and sometimes we miss being around folks so if you have occasions where you miss the folks and you want to do some work amongst other lush folks, it's for you too!

Again, kinda aimed more towards folks in the online biz space but we don't have a bouncer at the door, you can come and catch up on some reading, get the ironing done, catch up on your studies, use the time to do some things for your nervous system or y'know, do work and stuff. 

What do you actually get?

Two coworking sessions a day on Tuesday/ Wednesday/ Thursday, hosted on FLOWN, a purpose-built coworking platform. Sessions are 5pm UK time and 10am UK time (check your time zone below).

Sessions are 80-90 mins. We meet, declare our intentions then dive in to a solid 60 minutes of deep focus work and after that we reconvene briefly to reflect on our hour, take a couple of minutes to breathe/ stretch/ shake it out/ rave, say our goodbyes and toddle off into our lives. 

Quarterly Planning Circles - these are longer 3-hour sessions once a quarter to work on your 90-day plans for the next quarter. You'll get free access to all of our handing planning templates ahead of the session and a video briefing from biz coach and strategist Pippa each quarter to help set you up for awesomeness.

Fun weekly accountability check-ins in the Den community on Heartbeat - a group of the most disobedient business owners. Heartbeat is where you'll find all the links and info for our calls too! And we're a GIF-positive space .

Access to purchase special rate mini CEOhhh sessions with Pippa to talk through your 90-day plan or with Lucy for tech and systems strategising and support (there's an additional cost for these 1:1 sessions but they're not something that are available outside of the *not* club).

Some ad hoc seasonal sessions with more of a party vibe, maybe a 'pub quiz', it's not set and will be shaped by the gorgeous people in our group and what would set their soul aflame .

Zero bullshit, a warm welcome and support whoever you are. 

A note on FLOWN:

FLOWN is a purpose-built coworking platform. We have no desire to make you subscribe and pay for yet-another-bloody-platform so you can join our sessions with a free account. We really love the way it works for virtual coworking though and we hope you do too (it's soooo much better than Zoom for coworking)

Check your timezone here.

What's the deal?

It's simple really. It's $29 per month (that's about £23 ish) and the initial sign up period is 3-months as we really want you to give it a good go before you decide if it's for you longer term and get into some good habits about Getting Things Done! After that, you can simply cancel with 30-days notice whenever you like (but we don't reckon you're going to want to)

Hi, we're Pippa & Lucy!

Together, we make up The Disobedient Business Co. 

We are here to help you figure your sh*t out in your business. Between us you can expect integrity-packed strategy & coaching and people-first systems that turn your raving into a lovely row of .

We proudly stand against the patriarchy, capitalism and the status quo. We believe in a world where everyone's voice is heard, respected, and cherished. This is a space where the gender binary is shattered, and inclusivity reigns supreme. All of you is welcome here.

Join our community of non-conforming rebels who are rewriting the rules. Let's rewrite the narrative together, creating a business landscape that values collaboration, joy, empathy, and success on YOUR terms.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if this is right for me?
    If you find you do better at getting shit done when there's accountability then the 'club' is for you. If you find you wish you could work with other people and that you want a bit of community and companionship then come on in. If you want silly celebrations and support in the journey to dismantle the status quo then also, probably a good fit.
  • What if I want to leave?
    No hard feelings here buddy, you gotta do what's right for you! Just give us 30 day's notice after your initial 3 months and we'll cancel your subscription.
  • Do I need to do work on the calls?
    Absolutely not! Use it how you like!
    We'll declare our intentions at the beginning of the session and you use them however you feel is supportive for you! Use it to do work, catch up on some reading or studying, get the ironing done or take some dedicated decompression time. Just rock up with an intention and we'll hold you to it! (that's not a threat, we're not going to beat you up or anything)
  • Do I have to sign up for FLOWN?
    Oui oui mon ami. You will need an account on FLOWN **however** you don't need a paid subscription. At the end of your 30-day free trial, FLOWN will nudge you to a paid subscription but just choose the free account and you'll still be able to come to all our sessions with the free option.
  • What about sickness or absence?
    We'll do our best to not get succumb to illness or have an unavoidable "life thing", but if there's an occasion where we're not able to host a session we'll give you as much notice as possible. If planned sessions can't go ahead we'll do our best to reschedule them, but this might not always be possible. We have 6 sessions a week you can join, which is only just over $1 per session, so hopefully the odd one going pear-shaped now and then, won't be the end of the world.
  • What about holidays? ️
    Bloody rude of Lucy but they do take approx. 8 weeks holiday throughout the year. In 2024 they'll be away from their computer on the weeks commencing:
    26th Feb, 29th Apr, 8th & 25th Jul, 14th Oct, 16th, 23rd & 30th Dec.

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